What is Stainless Steel Soap? Does it Work?

Need to wash your hands? “Pass the stainless steel, please?” That’s probably not the phrase you’d expect to hear in that situation.

If you had no idea that stainless steel soap was ever a thing, we’re here to wash away your doubts.

Squeaky Clean

Stainless steel soap is a bar of high-quality steel that has been polished and formed into a holdable shape. Think of a shape similar to our good old Dove soap.

Perhaps you’re thinking this is the answer to never having to buy soap again. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. Stainless steel does not eliminate bacteria. So, if you’re wanting to save money long-term, a once-off investment in a re-usable soap is NOT sound financial advice!

What Does Stainless Steel Soap Do?

It neutralises certain smelly molecules (certain molecules, mind). So, you can’t wash your hands with it and expect them to be hygienically clean. But, you can rub it on your hands after preparing onion, salami, fish, or garlic.

The idea is that molecules, such as sulfur present in our pungent foods adhere to the stainless steel, thus drawing the worst of the smell from your skin.

Stainless steel soap’s job is in the kitchen… not your bubble bath!

Did you know that stainless steel is the preferred metal for use in kitchens because it’s durable, recyclable, and versatile? Think of your stove-top, draining board, sink, and cutlery. It’s easy to keep clean, looks good and withstands high temperatures. Plus, it’s stainless, which is what you want in your kitchen.

Steel Has Our Hearts

It’s no secret that we at Steelmor love steel. And for good reason – the possibilities surrounding this fabulous material are endless!

At Steelmor we specialise in stainless steel, and we are the leading stockist and manufacturer of stainless steel products in South Africa. So, give us a call, we might not have stainless steel soap though, our sights are set on slightly bigger things!