Before the advent of modern hydraulics and computerised control, the process of ring rolling was a manual one, in which a skilled operator had to use all his experience to manipulate the command levers and successfully negotiate the workings of the rolling cycle in order to produce a quality rolled ring.

Today, we’re able to easily programme a radial-axial rolling system, ensuring the ring rolling process is fully automated from start to finish. Ring rolling is also extremely versatile as it can be performed on material at both high and ambient temperatures.

In the ring rolling process, two rollers (one idle and one driven) are used to roll a smaller diameter ring into a precise, larger diameter ring with a reduced cross section. During industrial metal ring rolling, edging rollers are typically used to maintain a constant width throughout the forming operation.

Rings made using the rolling process are seamless, and are produced with very little waste. The entire process is highly material efficient, with the finished result using almost 95% of the starting raw material. The only real material losses come from the hole that is punched in the preform, and from any machining that’s required. Ring rolling is also a low-cost process that is quick to set up, and produces sections that require little or no machining.

One of the main advantages of ring rolling over ring forging is that the rings end up with a continuous grain flow that gives them enhanced strength, making them suitable for a variety of applications including aerospace, pipes, turbines, roller and ball bearings, pressure vessels and other machinery.

Seamless rolled rings can vary in size from flat ones similar to washers, to tall, cylindrical shapes ranging in height from about one centimetre to almost three metres.

Steelmor Industries operates one of the most comprehensive stainless steel stockholding and manufacturing facilities in Southern Africa. Ring rolling is one of the many services we offer, so to find out how we can help you meet your stainless steel needs, call us today on +27 11 747 5700.

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