On a small scale, such as home with DIY enthusiasts, stainless steel can be cut using a circular saw or cut off saw. On an industrial level, however, when you need bigger pieces cut with accuracy, neatness and precision, there are three main methods that deliver consistently reliable and quality results.

Plasma Cutting

A plasma cutter uses an electrical arc, created by a plasma torch, to cut through even fairly thick pieces of stainless steel without much difficulty. The arc is formed through an inert gas that is focused from the nozzle to the cutting surface. The gas is turned into a plasma beam that can make precise and accurate cuts. This economical method is completely automated and computerised, meaning you can simply email your prints to us, and we will cut your material to your exact specifications.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a stable, accurate and reliable method of cutting stainless steel, resulting in a smooth, blemish-free cut that is weld-ready without the need for any further machining. It has a very small kerf width and small heat zone, meaning it’s ideal for cutting small holes or very intricate shapes.

CNC laser cutters are some of the most common cutters and utilise a capacitive height control system to keep a highly accurate distance between the end of the nozzle and the plate that is being cut. This is important because the distance determines the focal point relative to the surface of the plate.

Waterjet Cutting

This method is ideal for those jobs that demand very close tolerances and almost no machining. It’s also the preferred method when sensitivity to high temperatures – such as those generated by plasma and laser cutting – is experienced. Waterjet cutting is more expensive than plasma cutting, but the reduction in the need for machining saves time and labour – and therefore money.

Steelmor uses these and other methods to cut your stainless steel to the exact size and shape that you require. When size matters, talk to the experts.

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