Steelmor is your stainless steel specialist, and is the leading stockist and manufacturer of stainless steel products in South Africa

Steelmor is your stainless steel specialist, and is the leading stockist , manufacturer and importer of stainless steel products in South Africa


Taking The Lead In Stainless Steel Manufacture and Supply


Ever since Hendrik van der Bijl establish the Iron and Steel Corporation (ISCOR) in South Africa in 1943, stainless steel has been responsible for large-scale job creation and industry development in this country.

Today, stainless steel in South Africa is still in high demand across a wide variety of industries, from construction to medical, catering to industrial equipment. A thriving stainless steel industry helps stimulate our economy, but also promotes innovation, technology and infrastructure across a broad spectrum of applications.

Steelmor is your stainless steel expert, and is proud to have been a key player in this critical market for over 40 years., and are widely regarded as Stainless Steel Specialists. We are one of the leading stockists and manufacturers of stainless steel products in the country, and boast the most comprehensive stainless steel stockholding and manufacturing facilities in Southern Africa.

We have a huge range of quality stock products available to you, but also enjoy complete manufacturing flexibility, and can create bespoke parts to meet the specific requirements of your project. Our customers trust us to deliver on time, and to always meet or exceed our own strict standards of manufacturing excellence and quality.

For your convenience, we stock the following stainless steel fittings in different grades, thicknesses, sizes and dimensions:

  • Plate
  • Pipe (large and small bore)
  • Fittings (butt-weld and BSP)
  • Flanges (forged and plate)
  • Round bars
  • Sections
  • Tubing
  • Forged products (light to heavy)

Different grades of stainless steel have different corrosion-resistance, each one suitable for different applications, and with its own benefits. Stainless steel also has a significant strength-to-weight ratio when compared to other materials.

Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable, and up to half of all new stainless steel is made from re-melted scrap metal. This makes it a welcome choice in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

There really is no better material than stainless steel, and there is also no better stainless steel supplier than Steelmor. One of our expert consultants will happily sit with you to discuss your requirements and recommend the products best suited to your needs, or take a look at our extensive product range.


Steelmor Flanges


Forged and plate flanges are manufactured and produced to all specifications.
Steelmor Fittings Icon


Forged fittings to SA/A182, Buttweld fittings to SA/A403 and dimensions to ANSI B16.9.
Steelmor Piping Icon


10” and greater fabricated from plate to SA/A358 or as per customer requirements.
Steelmor Plate and Sheet

Plate and Sheets

Flanges, Blinds, Bleed rings etc. up to 75mm thick. All in Stainless Steel.

Steelmor are your stainless steel experts, and are ready to satisfy all your project requirements!