Quality Policy ISO 9001 – 2008

SGS ISO 9001-9002 LogoSteelmor, as an organization, are collectively committed to a policy of supplying cost effective, quality products on time to enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the product shall conform to the requirements of the customers order.

To meet this end, one of the tools utilized, has been the establishment, documenting and implementation of a Q.M.S, based on the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 international standard.

The requirements and stipulations of the international standard, and of the Q.M.S, is the corporate property of any, and all, employees of Steelmor, and the contents, requirements and stipulations of these documents will be implemented, understood and maintained, throughout the entire organization.

Quality Objectives will be established within the organization, and it is the responsibility of all the employees of Steelmor, to strive to meet these objectives, with the main focus being the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the implemented Q.M.S, as the Q.M.S adds value to the product / service offered by Steelmor.

Quality Objectives will be reviewed periodically, to ensure that the stated objectives remain relevant, and continual improvement is maintained.

The Quality Policy of Steelmor will also be reviewed periodically, to ensure that it remains continually suitable to the purpose and vision of the organization.

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