The history of steel in South Africa

The history of steel in South Africa is certainly an interesting one. If you do not know the story behind how steel became an important source of income for people living in this country than you are about to find out.

Hendrik van der Bijl is the man to thank for the production of steel in South Africa. He was the man who established the Iron and Steel Industrial Corporation (Iscor). The objectives of this company was to produce iron and a range of steel as well as create employment opportunities. The first plant was started in 1934 in Pretoria and the first steel was tapped from the open-hearth furnace on April 4th 1934. It was extremely important to have access to a source of steel especially when the war hit. The demand for steel was increased due to the war and the need to create items that would assist in the fighting. The need was so high that a second branch needed to be opened to help with the work load. It was clear to see that the steel works were certainly necessary and needed within South Africa.

Instead of having to wait for the imports, Iscor was creating their very own steel and helping to improve South Africa’s economic standing. By 1952, four steel works had been built, the original in Pretoria, followed by Vereeniging, Newcastle and Vanderbijlpark. At the time the development of such an establishment might have seemed impossible in this country and also difficult to maintain. However, Iscor continued to grow and develop so much so that shares were made available on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1989. Hendrik van der Bijl was able to set up a corporation that flourished and assisted South Africa in its own personal economic growth.

Is steel production in South Africa still assisting with job creation?

Due to the recent issues with the steel strike, it is necessary to address whether steel production is still assisting with job creation. The answer to this is yes, despite the strike steel works in South Africa still are able to provide a number of people with jobs. The strike obviously caused some major setbacks as Numsa (National Union of Metalworkers South Africa) are responsible for producing over 70% of the steel that is currently found in South Africa. It would appear however, that the strike has now been resolved and that the production of steel is now back to normal.

Industry has become reliant on steel production

Many industries are reliant on the production of steel and during the strike it became eerily clear how much steel is actually needed. Some companies were put at serious risk of not completing their projects on time due to the strike. However, now that tensions have seized it is now possible for these industries to flourish again. Getting good quality steel is a necessity when working in the industrial industry. This is why many companies choose our steel over the rest.

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