Which Water Pipe is The Better Option?

One of our basic human requirements is that of clean water. However, have you ever questioned the integrity and cleanliness of the actual water pipe which carries this life-giving fluid to us?

We’re exploring which water pipe is the best option in providing clean drinking water to our buildings and what are the benefits of each.

Which Water Pipe?

Water is a very weak acid which means that it will interact with its environment in various ways. Understanding this is one of the most important points in determining which water pipe – or indeed which water storage container – is best for us.


In terms of water storage plastic is ubiquitous. The problem with most plastic bottles is the fact that chemicals used in the manufacture of these products leach into the water that we drink. Certainly not ideal, we have to agree.

In terms of plastic water pipes used in plumbing, things are a little different. Both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in piping cold water, and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) which is used for both hot and cold water, are safe options. Polypropylene Pipe (PP), which is similar to CPVC is an even better option as no chemicals are used in fusing the joints. 


Copper has been used for hundreds of years for both piping and water containers. 

Simply put, copper contains properties which are both antiviral and antibacterial which means that storing your water in copper containers makes it healthier than when it went in. Further to that, over time, copper leaches into the drinking water which offers healing properties to our bodies. 

In terms of water pipes, this makes copper a winner.

Stainless Steel

This sustainable and hardwearing product is a great option for water pipes – albeit a pricier one. 

The anticorrosive properties and excellent temperature resistance make stainless steel an attractive alternative, as well as being an aesthetically beautiful one if it’s on display. Also, it does not leach harmful chemicals into your drinking water – an added bonus for sure.

We can see that each of these popular products serve a purpose and offer their own list of benefits. Which will you choose?