When Will Stainless Steel Stain?

The majority of stains appearing on stainless steel show up in products manufactured for the hospital and hospitality industries. Both want to retain and maintain perfectly clean shiny surfaces on their equipment and hospitals in particular, and need perfectly sterilized surgical instruments.

Discolourations are most frequently caused by harsh chemicals, incorrect use of equipment, and heat. The good news is that these can be easily remedied.

Cleaning The Stains Off Stainless Steel

One of the best ways to restore your stainless steel surfaces to as-good-as-new is to use cleaners that contain oxalic acid. Natural products such as lemon juice, club soda, white vinegar, and baking soda will deliver pleasing results.

Fair Warning on Misleading Stainless Steel Ads

Finally, for the man in the street, it needs to be remembered that metals advertised as stainless steel are more often just other metals with stainless steel plating. The plating does upgrade anything it’s applied to with its remarkable properties but that only extends as deep as the plating. If the plating is cut or scratched through, the metal underneath will be subject to corrosion.

Stainless steel plating also suffers wear and tear and you may find yourself disappointed if you thought you were using authentic stainless steel.

In the big picture, stainless steel is still the world’s most unique, corrosion-resistant, self-repairing material. There may be a place for stainless steel plating too. It’s all a matter of knowing what you need steel for and whether you are informed as to its true status. Your stainless steel supplier can ensure you understand what steel you need for what application.

Perhaps stainless steel should be spelt ‘stain-less’ steel to be more accurate. It’s a bit like non-ironing fabric. You don’t need to iron it but that doesn’t mean it can’t wrinkle.

So yes, under duress and over time, stainless steel stains, but not until it’s long proven its mettle!

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