When Is Open Die Forging a Great Manufacturing Option?

Open die forging is a manufacturing process that uses a punch and die to shape metal. It’s similar to closed die forging, but the difference is that open dies are not enclosed when the metal is being shaped.

The open die technique allows for greater freedom to create complex shapes because there are fewer restrictions on what can be made during this process.

What Is Open Die Forging?

Open die forging is a process of shaping metal by deformation. The open die forging process involves a punch and die. The die (mold) is shaped to fit the workpiece, and then the two are placed together in a machine called a drop hammer. The punch (hammer) then strikes the work piece, which causes it to deform into the shape of the mold.

Why Use Open Die Forging?

This method is used to produce parts with complex shapes, such as gears and camshafts, but can also be applied to simple products like bolts and screws.

Open die forging applications include:

  • Shapes in the form of cylindrical tubes
  • Shapes that are upended or “pancaked”
  • Forgings with hollow interiors
  • Forgings with contours

When Is Open Die Forging the Best Option?

  • If a part requires high strength and durability, open die forging is the best option. This process can produce parts that are significantly stronger than those made by other methods, even in the same amount of time.
  • When you need to form a part into complex shapes, open die forging is ideal for this purpose as well. The force applied by the press forces hot metal into any shape required for your finished product–and it does so quickly!
  • If you want to achieve precision with your parts or need something that meets a specific tolerance level, open die forging will give you just what you’re looking for. Because of its ability to conform to such specific requirements (you actually have control over how much force is used), there won’t be any defects in your final product.


Open die forging is a common manufacturing process that can be used to create strong, resilient parts from various materials and alloys. A professional manufacturing company will offer this and many other processes depending on your unique needs.

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