What Are Steel Profiles?

Steel profiles are products made out of steel that has been shaped by being rolled, drawn or pressed. These shapes have the same cross-section over their entire length. Most often used in reinforcing concrete or building structure, these steel profiles help to increase the strength of the projects they are used in.

Type Of Profiles

There are a number of different types of steel profiles, from concrete reinforcing to special profiles which come in no standard shapes.

Concrete reinforcements are smooth, ribbed and profiles round steel bars used to strengthen concrete structures. Other types include large steel profiles which are general steel shapes, angled steel in equal or unequal shapes as well as special profiles and round or rectangular bars.

Pro’s And Con’s

Steel profiles increase the strength of a structure greatly, but are they what your project requires? Steel products are more durable and lighter than wood or concrete, but if left untreated they can be susceptible to corrosion or deterioration.

Steel profiles are generally moisture, fire and weather-resistant, and do not need to be treated for pests or insects of any kind. But certain areas where sea air or water is involved, they tend to require more treatment against rust and corrosion.

Some of the best reasons to use steel profiles are the products are affordable, sustainable and durable when designed and manufactured correctly, and are quick and easy to fabricate as needed. Steel profiles are used across many industries such as industrial and agricultural sectors, and while reinforcing of concrete is a top use, they are often used when creating large open buildings such as storage sheds and factory spaces.

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