Waterjet Cutting “Steels” The Show

There is no denying the power and versatility of water. Just watch waves crashing onto the rocks or torrential rain as it washes away anything in its path – it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Manufacturers have harnessed this phenomenal power in the form of waterjets for use in precision steel cutting. The benefits of the waterjet tool are incredible and come with a host of benefits.

Waterjet Steel Cutting

Steel cutting is one of the most common uses of waterjet technology. The secret to the power behind the waterjet lies in channelling the spray through increasingly narrow tubes and out of a very fine nozzle. The width of the opening coupled with the force of the water will decide on the size and shape of the cut.

This nozzle concentrates the spray and allows the water to reach speeds of over 3000 kph (Mach 3) and a water-abrasive mix is blasted out at some 1400 kph. These breath-taking speeds allow the water to slice through soft, pliable materials as well as hardened steel.

The precision of these cuts is mind-blowing; accurate to a tolerance of 0.025mm, it’s easy to see why this is a preferred choice for industries such as aerospace and architecture.

The Benefits of Waterjet Technology

By now, the benefits of using a waterjet when cutting steel are apparent.

  • A waterjet experiences a longer lifestyle than conventional metal cutting tools, as it never grows dull.
  • The lack of heat during cutting means than a waterjet can be used safely on a multitude of metals, plastics and stone.
  • Further, a lack of heat means there is no damage or distortion to the piece being machined.
  • Waterjet cutting can be used on steel in its final state as there is no risk of the process changing the molecular structure of the metal or compromising its strength.
  • The process is odourless as it does not make use of any chemicals.
  • As a dust-free process, there are no harmful airborne particles.
  • Waterjet cutting can be done underwater to reduce noise and mess.
  • The first cut is the final cut, offering a smooth, finished edge on all materials.
  • It is a perfect choice for costly metals as it minimises waste.

If this sounds like the perfect solution for your next project, then get in touch with the professionals at Steelmor. We do steel!