Unpacking Precision Welding

Precision welding is a carefully controlled form of welding where the workpiece and heat source are often controlled by a computer for a finer finish.

Precision welding is mainly used when working with small parts, tight dimensional tolerances or projects that require a very fine or barely visible join. 

Is It A Specific Procedure?

There is no specific procedure known as “precision welding”. Rather it is a term used for any type of welding system in which the welder works on a micro-level to produce a very high quality of welding. Micro welds are used in situations that are often challenging for regular welding approaches. 

Almost all styles of welding can be included under the precision welding banner. Anything from around 5mm thick downwards can be considered precision welding regardless of what material and technique you are using. 

Best Options For Precision Welding

While there are no specific limitations to precision welding, there are certain techniques that work better for smaller work or precisely controlled environments

  • Soldering or brazing are great options for low volumes of work and are very cost-effective for smaller businesses not wanting to invest a huge amount in fancy equipment 
  • Resistance welding is applying large heat current to the joins, but this process can have issues with seam integrity as it is very hard to inspect the joins closely afterwards due to the excess surface material. 
  • Laser welding is an ideal method for precision welding, as laser beams offer very small welds with limited heat and at higher speeds. 
  • Most commonly used in precision welding is gas tungsten or Tig welding. Metals are melted at extreme heats using an arc established between a tungsten electrode and the material being welded. This level of heat causes fusion even without the use of filler metals, and as such creates the finest of welds. 

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