The versatility of steel – steel containers that can be used for offices or homes!

Have you ever wandered what happens to shipping containers when they are no longer being used? We all know that they go to a container “graveyard”, but what happens once they are there? Thanks to the intelligence of man, there are now multiple uses for steel containers. They can be used for storage space, garages, offices or homes – the choices are endless! And the best part, by using these discarded containers you are adding your bit towards recycling and reducing your carbon footprint.

As a country we all have a problem when it comes to space. Steel containers are the best solution to any space issue as they can be converted into a storage container for excess furniture, the memories that you don’t want to let go of or for toys no longer being played with or garages. Building onto a home to make an extra garage can be extremely costly, especially when you are not too sure if that garage will be permanently used. Converting a steel container into a garage would be a better option as it can be modified to include a locking mechanism and if it no longer needed as a garage, it can be converted into a garden shed!

Steel containers also make for inexpensive office space

If you are just starting out a business, one small enough to operate from home, why not consider using a steel container as your office space? Steel containers can be converted into a comfortable office space by adding windows and even a fan! You can make it even more inviting by including wooden decking in front of the container as an outdoor meeting area (weather permitting). The container space is big enough for two medium sized desks and a filing cabinet without feeling claustrophobic! If you feel that you need even more space, you can connect two containers together, either side by side width ways or, if you have enough space, side by side length ways. Once again, if you no longer need the container as an office space you can convert it for some other use.

Steel containers as homes

With the housing struggle and taking space into consideration, steel containers are being converted into homes. Steel is a very durable metal and a good choice as building material for a home. Suitable for any climate, you can choose to have your home wherever you want to! You can convert steel containers into the size and length of an average home by having the containers side by side (length and width ways) and you can add an extra level to your home by having containers on top of each other. All it requires is a bit of imagination and of course, the tools and know-how to add windows, doors and, in the case of a double-story container home, stairs!

Steel and its many uses

From the manufacture and production of piping, to steel containers, to making jewellery; steel is definitely the most versatile and durable metal to work with. Before making an office or home out of bricks and cement, consider re-cycling steel containers from a shipping yard – you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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