The Science of Cutting Tools

Cutting tools or cutters as they are also known by are exactly what the name suggests –machines used to remove materials from a workpiece by shear deformation such as turning, drilling, threading or milling to name a few. 

The cutting tools must always be made of harder materials than that which they are cutting, and they must be designed to withstand the extreme heat and force generated by the process.

Cutting tools can be chosen either based on the job material or the type of operation you are looking to perform and once you have made this decision it is easier to select your design and material components. 

Single Vs Multi

The method of cutting and the cutting tools used can be divided into two types- a single-point tool or a multi-point tool. The cutting edges of all tools are very important and should be carefully designed to achieve their purpose. 


Single-point cutting tools are used for tuning, shaping and planning. They have one cutting edge to remove the excess material


Multi-point cutting tools are used in processes such as milling, drilling and grinding, and use tools with teeth or multiple cutting edges. 

Materials Used 

As cutting tools are used across so many different industries, there are many different materials used for their creation. The material chosen for each design is dependant on the material that the tools will be machining. From the most inexpensive cutting tools of carbon tool steel, used for low-speed machining, through to the most expensive and hardest material option of diamond tools, each material and design is unique to the job at hand.

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