The Role of Steel in Affordable Housing

Buildings and infrastructure take up more than 50% of global steel production.

Steel resources can be implemented to address many socio-economic issues. For example, urbanization, expanding populations, poverty, and the effects of natural disasters.

Steel has properties that make it an ideal material for affordable housing. It’s durable, strong, and versatile.

Steel Works for Affordable Housing

Steel products are high quality. They’re also less expensive than traditional brick and concrete materials. And, steel is compatible with a variety of other materials. Affordable housing schemes that make full use of steel products promote sustainability. Steel can be recycled endlessly with no loss to its inherent properties.

Steel housing can be assembled quickly when prefabricated components are produced off-site. This reduces the need for on-site labor.

Additionally, structural steel is a lightweight framing material. Thus, only a simple foundation is necessary.

Another advantage is that steel shells are very thin. This means internal structural elements are smaller. So, the spatial layout of a low-cost house is used to its full potential. Space is a luxury and steel makes economic use of it.

The implementation of steel in affordable housing has so many advantages. As described above, some of the resultant benefits include the following:

  • Cost-effective use of resources
  • Quicker building turn-around times
  • Reduced project management costs

Moreover, structures made from steel are able to better withstand natural disasters. For example:

  • Steel is fire-resistant
  • Its lightweight flexibility makes it safe to use in earthquakes and hurricane areas
  • Steel is strong enough to offer protection from cyclones and strong winds

A Reliable Role

It’s evident that steel plays a reliable and effective role in affordable housing. Its benefits as a sustainable, economic, and resourceful option should not be under-estimated.

Developing countries have a lot to gain by implementing steel in their low-cost and affordable housing projects.

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