The Return to Steel Golf Clubs

The emergence of graphite golf clubs stole some of the show from steel golf clubs initially. That often happens when there’s a ‘new kid on the block’ and everyone who thinks she’s someone doesn’t want to be out of what’s hip-hop-and-happening. Then the novelty wears off and a more balanced swing at the thing becomes viable.

However, as is also often the case, there are pros and cons to both types of golf clubs. Here’s an honest look so you can decide how and where you’re going to weigh in.

The Six Cues in the case of Steel Golf Clubs vs Graphite Golf Clubs

  1. Performance

Steel: vibrates more responsively on ball impact.
Graphite: smoother, but less vibration – less responsiveness

  1. Weight – the lighter the faster, if that’s what you want

Steel: from 100 – 120 kg
Graphite: from 60-70kg

  1. Durability – going in for the long haul

Steel: decades-long life, favourite clubs can be a thing.
Graphite: lighter and also with more flex means less ‘golf-life’

  1. Torque – More torque, less control

Steel: between 1 – 3 degrees
Graphite: between 1 – 8 degrees

  1. Flex – Flex is associated with power, though accuracy is reduced

Steel: less flex
Graphite: more flex

  1. Feel – this is personal

Steel: definitely a more solid feel
Graphite: possibly more comfortable, easier to hit

Closing Arguments for Stainless Steel Golf Clubs

You can say what you like but many at the top of the golfing game are returning to steel-shafted golf clubs.  We could throw names of course and we could enlighten you with a great track record.  We’ll choose the latter and remind you that Tiger Woods (name-dropping intended), Won 14 of his major championship events using his trusty stainless-steel putter.

Up to you to be judge and jury here, but we urge you to let the record show that steel golf clubs are still a favourite amongst the elite. Oh, and did we mention that club makers have crafted lighter steel shafts?

Yes, indeed, they have. You may now find yourself a steel golf club that weighs in at 68.5g. We rest our case!

We reckon the verdict is clear, so if you need to chat to professional fabricators and experienced staff, call the Steelmor team today.