The Logistics of Steel Coil Transportation

It can be quite unnerving to drive near a truck hauling one or more of those giant rolls of steel. You often see a great big flatbed truck only hauling one at a time. This just goes to show how heavy and awkward they are to transport.

Steel coil transportation is just part of the job for many logistics companies though, so let’s find out what it takes to move these dangerous objects around safely.

How are Steel Coils Used in the Manufacturing Sector?

Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) is used to make household appliances, vehicle bodies, metal furniture, filing cabinets/gym lockers and even the primary structure of industrial buildings.

The main attraction of CRS to manufacturers is that it is easily formable and doesn’t react to ambient temperature changes. This makes it perfect for applications where precision is needed. Imagine if the panels on your dishwasher tended to expand in the summer? Your kitchen floor would always be clean, but you’d have to wash your dishes by hand.

Proper Steel Coil Transportation Essential!

Just one steel coil can weigh over 30 000kgs. A family SUV weighs around 3 500kgs. If one of these objects gets loose on the highway it will certainly end in multiple tragedies. The proper transportation of steel coils on public roads is a matter of life and death.

So how is it done safely?

The best example of safe steel coil transportation is the type of custom built trailers used by the American logistics company Adams Trucking. These specialised trailers cradle a single coil in a “pocket” and allow for additional lashing with designated tie-down points.

Mostly though we see flatbeds being used here in South Africa with removable coil racks being mounted onto the bed. This is so that the trailer can be used for different types of loads. This method of transportation can still be used safely.

This resource from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a Driver’s Handbook on Cargo Securement. Chapter 5 deals specifically with steel coil transportation. Chat with the Steelmor team for more information on your steel requirements.