The Humble Kettle Gets the Nod for Stainless Steel Over Plastic

Once we understand that the plastic used in manufacturing plastic kettles – super convenient though they may be, incorporate polycarbonate in the process and that’s where BPA (a chemical called bisphenol A) is found. Should we be worried about BPA? Industry kind of stands with their trousers down as more and more evidence comes to light regarding the harm to the human body from BPA, in particular, leeching into our food and water. The highest incident being the water we boil in our kettles. Stainless steel appliances have no side effects and the sooner we all make the switch to stainless-steel appliances the better.

BPA – The Bad News

Canada and Japan have banned plastic baby bottles and sip cans from using linings containing BPA. Health hazards such as asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infertility, impaired brain development in children, prostate cancer and more are attributable to the BPA’s endocrine disrupters. We can immediately cut back on using canned foods as they are invariably lined with a resin containing BPA. Understandably, on the household front, there is a rush on glass and stainless-steel appliances, particularly kettles that are in constant contact with heated water. One wonders when there will be a ban on plastic kettles. Still, we can opt for stainless-steel appliances in our own homes, with or without governmental enforcement.

The Good News for Stainless Steel Appliances

In any and all cooking related equipment, stainless-steel is proven to keep us healthier by far. With zero leeching of anything harmful into our food and water, stainless steel appliances get the nod from professional chefs and home cooks the world over. One cannot get the delicious browning in a Teflon coated pan that one gets when using stainless-steel appliances and cookware. Just watch MasterChef and you’ll see hundreds of fabulously clean stainless-steel appliances and cooking utensils.

Equipping our homes with stainless-steel appliances means we won’t be feeding our families with food contaminated by toxic chemicals found in plastic and Teflon and when we serve family and friends tea or coffee, we’re doing so safely. Three cheers for stainless-steel as it yet again comes up trumps for safeguarding our health.