The Future of Steel

What is the Future of Steel in Sustainable Energy?

Without being overly dogmatic about predictions on the future of steel, we believe that this essential product has many good years left in it. Especially so when considered next to the growing demand for sustainable energy sources.

A Sustainable Product

We’ve talked at length about the sustainability of steel, but this facet becomes more important with each passing year. The focus on sustainable building and manufacturing processes has everyone thinking way outside the box.

With steel being 100 percent recyclable without the loss of strength, it is the natural choice for building sustainable power sources.

Wind Power

The strength of wind turbines lies in their backbone of steel. The average wind turbine with a capacity of 2.5 – 3 MW can produce more than 6 million kWh per year. (Source) This emission-free energy source removes the necessity for fossil fuels and carries a very small manufacturing carbon footprint.

Wave Power

Whether powered by waves or currents, offshore turbines rely on their hardy, anti-corrosive steel frames. The average offshore turbine of 3.6 MW can produce more than 13 million kWh per year – able to power over 3000 homes. (Source)


Comparing our fast and safe modern cars with those even 50 years old shows a marked decrease in weight. Advances in steel have granted car manufacturers a lighter, cheaper steel product which is still safe, and which maximises fuel efficiency. Fewer fossil fuels equal lower emissions.

Steel forms, quite literally, the fabric of our society, being vital in transport, aviation, building, design and – well – almost every sector. 

We look forward to watching the steel industry grow to promote sustainable solutions in all areas of our modern lives.