The Benefits of Guillotining

Tempting as it may sometimes be to try your hand at cutting steel on the job or for your home-fix, the best advice you’ll get in the end is to take it to the professionals, where you’ll understand the benefits of guillotining first hand. Cutting edge technology – pun intended – make cutting steel look as easy as slicing cheese.

Guillotining metal saves you time

Steel GuilotiningState of the art guillotining equipment will save you time, money and loads of frustration. The last thing you need after hours of struggling with a pair of shears is to find the metal is left twisted, bowed or worse, with a quaint but most unwanted camber.

The thing about stainless steel for example, is that while it holds its corrosion resistant properties after cutting, it is a devil to work with because as the material is penetrated, it hardens. And you wondered why you struggled to keep going with the same pressure you started with and why it took you so long in the end.

Guillotining metal saves your tools

Stainless steel for one, is a really hard metal, trying to keep the blade pressure sufficient as well as remembering to lift a hacksaw clear to the surface after each cut to keep the metal from hardening is a tricky manoeuvre. More likely to work the arm and shoulders than get through the business of cutting. You don’t want the hassle of stopping again and again because the blade is blunted in the effort.

Guillotining metal gives you the fine edge

Clean edges are essential if you’re going to weld anything. Even if you slogged through blunting your tools and taking forever to do the cutting, you may still need to get machine guillotining done. Powder coating will not attach to a rough edge, for instance.

The long and short of it all is to have metal cut by the pros with all their great hydraulic, mechanical and CDC driven metal guillotining equipment, take a beer break while it’s being done and get back to the job with a semblance of dignity.

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