Sustainable Steel in Solar

Big industrial companies require large amounts of energy to run their day to day operations – steel industries being at the high end of this usage. While fossil fuels are the industry norm, and currently how energy is being generated, they are considered dirty energy in today’s society and are not environmentally friendly. Many industries and companies are trying to make a move towards sustainable energies, and the lowering of carbon emissions.

The steel industries are one of the highest users of energy, and the idea of solar energy possibly replacing fossil fuels to help businesses improve their carbon footprint is hotly debated- can steel be manufactured in an environmentally and economically friendly way?

Sustainable Energy

While opting to go green is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, can steel and solar be an efficient partnership? While the energy requirements of the steel industries are huge, several companies believe that with the right formulas solar thermal technology is not too far away.

Solar Energy in Steel

The idea behind solar energy in steel manufacturing is relatively simple in theory. The top two options currently are fields of mirrors harvesting sunlight, or solar energy. This is the most popular idea currently, and research suggests that if successful it could drop greenhouse gas emissions in the steel manufacturing industry by half.

The second option which has been developed by a company in California is to capture the sunlight and focus the rays into tower-mounted tube-like receivers to generate heat. If either of these two options can prove successful in the steel industry, solar thermal technology could be on its way to replacing fossil fuels.

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