Steel Plates and Steel Sheets

The Difference Between Steel Plates and Steel Sheets

There are many different kinds of sheet metals including steel plates and steel sheets to name a few. Sheet metal can be made from almost any kind of metal such as copper and stainless steel and is exactly what the name states: metal rolled into sheets. 

The steel plates and sheets are used across many disciplines from domestic to industrial. Some items made out of sheet metal include medical tables, vehicle bodies, wings and fuselages for aircraft as well as roofing for buildings.

There are many various thicknesses of sheet metal from the very thin leaf, or foil metals to steel plates and each serves its own purpose. Stainless steel is one of the most preferred metals as it is low maintenance and is longer lasting against corrosion. 

Steel Sheets

Steel sheeting is anything thicker than foil, and anything thinner than 6mm. It is often used for structures that don’t require much durability, and can often be corrugated or diamonded to help increase the strength of the structure without increasing its weight. As steel sheets are generally thinner, they are also used for cookware as it is easier to mould and shape.

Steel Plates

Steel plates are any sheets of metal thicker than 6mm. Steel plates are more durable than steel sheets and are used in projects where the durability of a structure is more important than saving on weight. Steel plates are also used in vehicles to pass crash testing because of their strength. 

The bottom line is the only difference between steel plates and steel sheets is the thickness of the metal, but they do have varying uses depending on the project requirements. If you are looking for more information on steel plates or any other kind of sheet metals, Steelmor are one of the leading suppliers in South Africa, with a huge range of plates and sheets.