Steel Innovations Are On The Rise

It really is an incredible time to be alive! The rate at which technology is evolving is breath-taking and grants out-of-the-box thinkers all new platforms on which to build their – frankly – genius products.

As we are within the steel industry, we’d like to take a stroll through some of the most pioneering, fun and practical steel innovations to date.

Steel Innovations Adding Flavour to Modern Life

smartRSQ Wallet Multitool

This really is a smart idea. Made from stainless steel, it is a hardy yet lightweight multifunctional tool which fits easily into your wallet. Not just a standard bottle opener and knife, it also doubles as a screwdriver, can opener, fruit peeler, ruler and wrench. Actually, the makers list 37 uses for it!

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede

Made with a flexible steel core and engineered with thousands of little hooks (much like a millipedes’ legs), this functional item unblocks drains by hooking all the gross stuff down the plughole and pulling it out. The steel spine makes it a durable addition to your home maintenance toolkit.

Stainless Steel Straws

We’re all acutely aware of our responsibility to use less single use plastic in our everyday lives, and switch over to a more sustainable alternative. Enter the stainless steel straw. This fold up travel straw is made with a stainless steel outer, and a food-grade BPA-free inner which makes it a durable, easy to wash option that you can pop in your bag when you’re done.   

Of course, when it comes to a recyclable, durable, bacteria-resistant product, we know that stainless steel leads the way.

Do you have an innovative use for this magical material that you want to promote? Why not chat with the professional team at Steelmor and let’s work together to bring your product to life.