Steel Containers

An Exciting and Versatile Recycling Project

We all understand that steel is recyclable and used in a plethora of applications. But, did you know how steel containers are being used once they have reached their sell-by date?

In an eco-friendly world where recycling is the new black and is a cheaper and more acceptable option, steel containers are experiencing a new lease of life. How so?

The Many Uses of Steel Containers

The sheer size of a standard shipping container is quite something and because of its simplicity, it can be used for a multitude of applications.

Site Offices

Easily transported, hard-wearing and spacious, steel containers make a perfect site office. The addition of a few hardy desks, some much-needed air-conditioning and a little security gives you a perfectly practical temporary office.

Storage Facilities

If you are renovating or simply require a little secure storage space, an empty steel container is your best friend. Because they are so robust and easy to secure, you can safely store office or home furniture – or basically anything that will fit – for as long as you need to. A cheap and sensible storage option.


While you may not consider these as an ideal school room, some rural areas simply don’t have the funds to build the classrooms needed. Again, a little comfy flooring, perhaps a few windows and some aircon give a safe, weatherproof classroom for those who need it the most.

Eco-friendly Homes

Creating a small yet functional home out of these robust steel containers has become a national pastime. It’s quite incredible what can be achieved in what is traditionally a small space, and many entrepreneurs are upcycling these containers into something akin to a mini-designer home.

What has been your experience in recycling used steel containers?

We’d love to get your views on these exciting projects and how you have created something magical from an old shipping container.