Steel Coatings and Their Applications

The steel industry is a giant, so it stands to reason that there are various steel coatings, and each one is designed for a specific reason. But how do you know if you are using the right coating for the right application? Let’s look at three types of steel coating and the applications they are used for.

Zinc Coated Steel (Galvanized)

There are two different ways to zinc coat steel; we are going to look at the galvanized option. The most common way to do this is hot-dip galvanizing. This is done by dipping the steel in a molten zinc bath. This gives the steel a nice thick coat and makes a great barrier to protect against rust.

Hot-dip galvanizing can be done on anything from large beams to nuts and bolts. This form of zinc galvanizing is much stronger than the other way which is zinc plating.

Aluminium – Zinc Alloy Coated Steel

With its extended lifespan, aluminium-zinc alloy coating is a popular choice. Studies have shown greater protection against rust, fire, and the elements in aluminium-zinc alloy versus standard galvanized steel.

It also features a resin coating that offers a better surface for paint application. This means it can be used in both indoor and outdoor projects with great versatility. It is also much the same price as galvanised steel; it is the better choice.

Organic Coated: Enamel

Organic coatings are also a protective coating against corrosion and oxidation of the steel. There are various options available, and enamel is one of them.

They are easily applied with brushes, rollers, sprays or with electrostatic. Each coating offers a decorative or specific property, with enamel contributing to steel a glossy appearance and added durability.

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