Steel Building Frames

The Superiority of Steel Building Frames

If you’re looking for a way of building that offers quality, is cost and energy efficient and goes up rather quickly, we’ve got some fantastic news for you. Light steel building frames are now a reality for the South African steel and building industries.


While the steel framing concept is currently the fastest growing building technique in the world and has proven itself for over half a century in most leading countries such as the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, it has only recently been introduced and accepted in South Africa.


Used mostly in commercial, industrial and agricultural environments, not only are clients assured of quality structures, but steel building frames can easily be customised to your meet specific needs.


Steel has long been accepted as having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building materials and compared to conventional building techniques when it comes to light gauge steel (LGS), one can only admire the many benefits that steel offers the developer, consumer, builder and also the environment.


Steel framing is also highly flexible and is able to bend without cracking. A steel building can flex when it’s pushed from side to side which is highly beneficial in areas where buildings are subjected to high winds and earthquakes. Some of the most prestigious and sought-after real estate has been built using light steel building frames and has stood up to the test in areas such as the Gold Coast of Australia and Hawaii where coastal conditions are extreme.


Should steel building frames be subjected to some serious forces of nature, rather than cracking like glass or suddenly collapsing, the frame will slowly but surely bend out of shape and become somewhat deformed. This ductility characteristic of steel thus allows any occupants of the building time to make their escape.


Steel building frames, made from galvanised steel with stainless steel fasteners, are ideal for high-risk environments that are generally subject to rot, corrosion and high humidity to name a few. Steel is not only lighter than concrete, brick or wood but is essentially bug proof too.


Although steel has been known to soften under intense heat, such as during a fire, the addition of spray-on fireproofing will give buildings built of structural steel the ability to withstand greater temperatures and provide additional safety.

More Advantages of Steel Building Frames


They are quick to build on site as a lot of work can be pre-fabricated in the factory.

There is a wide range of ready-made structural sections that can be purchased as needed.

They can be made to take any shape and can be cladded with any type of material.

There is a wide range of joining methods available, such as bolting, welding and riveting.


We believe that steel building frames reign supreme in the world of development today and are clearly one of the most superior products to use when it comes to building methods.  Who wouldn’t get excited about an accelerated work schedule and enhanced quality? Not to mention that the fact that steel is recyclable, which means that it will always be readily available.


Steelmor is the leading supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel in South Africa and is dedicated to supplying cost effective quality products on time. Give us a call to find out how we can help you to integrate steel building frames into your construction plans.