Steel Building Advances in 2022

It’s not just that construction demand is expected to increase in 2022, but high expectations continue to motivate innovation as never before. The good news for the industry is that steel has become a preferred building material across all sectors. It ticks all the right boxes for the ever-changing landscape of our modern age. This plucky industry deserves attention and due credit for moving with the times, rolling with the punches, and coming up with trumps every time! Thanks to its outstanding versatility, tremendous economic value, high ratings for sustainability, and faster build times, steel buildings are truly breaking limitations in design and functionality for commercial buildings. Steel Building Defies Limitations in Design and Functionality

A quick tour of how steel performs in building advances will blow you away. Banish the old ‘tin shack’ impressions you still carry over from childhood and fast forward to 2022. Versatility

Innovation has seen steel made compatible with architecture-inspired cladding, whether a brick or stone veneer, glass, and EIFS – say what? Okay, we’re talking about an Exterior Insulation and Finish System here. EIFS is known for its energy efficiency and long-term cost benefits. Steel structures are an architect’s dream for creating column-free interiors. Today’s trend for shared buildings for multiple tenants and spaces that morph into other uses has made steel the metal of choice in building design. Sustainability

Hand in hand with energy efficiency, sustainability is no longer an optional luxury; it is fast becoming a matter of law! 2050 has been set as the goal for a net-zero economy. That goal alone has turned many heads toward steel. Low thermal mass, high durability, and energy-efficient qualities arguably make steel the most sustainable building material of all time. Speedy Build Times

The rapid erection times afforded by steel building materials translate into faster revenue generation for developers. Architects are finding they can take on more projects because completion times have substantially decreased. Time is money, and steel is making sure you still get the lion’s share of both! Architectural Boundaries Pushed by Leveraging Steel Materials

We have presented but a preview of what steel materials are achieving in the construction and building industries. Suffice it to say that steel is hard to beat for strength, flexibility, sustainability, affordability, and innovation. From massive steel construction warehouses and malls and elegant ablution facilities to homes and garages, you’ll surely agree that steel takes a well-deserved encore in steel building advances. For all your steel inquiries and requirements, the friendly Steelmor team is on standby to assist you.