Stainless Steel’s New Capability Trumps in Kitchen Design

Yes, metals like copper – being the oldest metal known to man and all, have a unique beauty and are indeed a desirable choice for a fabulous warm glow in places like the kitchen. But stainless steel, not one to be left behind, is being produced with jaw-dropping colours and finishes. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons in a steel versus copper showdown and discover that the one or two cons once attributed to stainless steel have been largely eliminated by technological advancements.

Steel Versus Copper – MAINTENANCE:

Both steel and Copper score well in this area. Nothing more than warm soapy water is needed for cleaning. Copper will show stains and marking over time. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is hardy – only acid will leave a mark. But when it comes to cleaning away fingerprints, stainless steel used to be hopeless until the new fingerprint proof variant emerged and how perfect isn’t that for kitchen surfaces and fridge doors?

Steel Versus Copper – HYGIENE:

Ok, we’ll let copper take a bow here – it is among the nine naturally antibacterial metals on earth. Aha, but now, thanks to technological breakthroughs, stainless steel has stepped up to the plate and achieved antibacterial status.

Steel Versus Copper – HEAT RESISTANCE:

Copper will take the heat but not with impunity – the metal expands and warps. Stainless steel, on the other hand, can take all you give it and then some. Its heat resistance is untouched.

Steel Versus Copper – WARM GLOW:

In the past, it would have been a hands-down win for copper in the warm rosy glow department, but once again, stainless steel steals the limelight – or ‘rosy-hued’ light, to be more accurate. Not only can one get stainless steel in wonderfully decorative metallic colours, but its exquisite finishes in mirror or brushed, or textured surfaces come in at prices still way cheaper than copper.

Steel Versus Copper – WEAR & TEAR:

In the area of scratch and ‘ding’ resistance, copper and stainless steel were pretty much a tie. The old stainless steel would pick up a myriad scratch marks over time. Copper and steel are both subject to ‘dings’ and one accepted that status quo on the understanding that its part of the charm of a metal. But when stainless steel has the additional treatment of colour or texture, the scratch factor becomes a moot point. Its durability unmatched, its ‘ding’ factor reduced by laying it over a hard or wooden surface, we say stainless steel gets the Oscar for best performance.