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Stainless Steel –  Let’s Count the Functions

Stainless steel – is there anything it can’t do? While it’s apparent that we are major steel advocates in manufacture, building and well – pretty much most areas of our modern life, we do enjoy the occasional wander into design and home décor to prove our point.

Ubiquitous Stainless Steel – Home Design of the Future

When talking of stainless steel, the obvious place to start is in the kitchen. 

Stainless steel kitchen counters aren’t a new concept, being used in restaurants and hospitals extensively, and designers are loving the look in the modern home. A matt finish is usually preferable as it hides smears and smudges, but still maintains a gorgeous sheen and a hygienic and durable surface.

Stainless steel sheets have been used to great effect as hardy splashbacks for kitchen sinks and stovetops. Of course, your extractor unit in stainless steel makes an easy-to-clean and attractive surface.

Home furnishings in stainless steel are still an exciting design concept and go with almost any look. From coffee tables in a beaten steel finish to hardwearing garden furniture, lamps, side tables, and trinkets – stainless steel us a versatile option.

Taking the conversation outdoors, who can argue with the elegance of an imposing stainless steel gate? The design options here are endless and the homeowner will enjoy many years of use from this durable product.

Balcony railings and outdoor stairs with steel balustrades not only look stylish but will withstand even our harsh South African elements!

As experienced manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel products across a variety of sectors, our team are perfectly positioned to assist you with your next project. Home, automotive, or industrial, creating prototypes or reverse engineering – we are your steel specialists in South Africa.

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