Stainless Steel – A Striking Part Of Modern Architecture

We often speak about stainless steel in terms of its many structural properties, such as strength, corrosion resistance and versatility. But, as well as being highly functional, this amazing metal can also be exceptionally beautiful. Many modern urban-design architects have taken stainless steel beyond the traditional interior skeleton and used it to create unexpectedly flowing structures that showcase some of the exterior possibilities of this versatile material. Designers are taking stainless steel and using it like a skin on the outside of buildings. Whether it’s highly polished, deliberately aged or coloured for warmth and drama, stainless steel-clad architecture always makes an eye-catching talking point. Here are some incredible examples of buildings in which the architects have allowed stainless steel to take centre stage:

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Stainless Steel – A Striking Part Of Modern Architecture If this masterful Los Angeles building reminds you of billowing sails, then you are spot on! The impressive curves, coated with a stainless steel skin, were inspired by architect Frank Gehry’s love of sailing, and echo the billows in the interior auditorium.

The Investcorp Building

Stainless Steel – A Striking Part Of Modern Architecture Oxford may be the United Kingdom’s oldest University, but that doesn’t mean it can’t embrace the contemporary! Architect Zaha Hadid’s stainless steel-clad Investcorp building is a radical and brave departure from the surrounding architecture, but he was careful to match the scale of the structure to the nearby buildings. The design is also sensitive to the landscape in which it sits, deliberately curving around a sequoia tree that is over 100 years old.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Stainless Steel – A Striking Part Of Modern Architecture Designed by Farshid Moussavi, Cleveland’s Museum of Contemporary Art features striking panels of mirror-finish black stainless steel that catch the reflections of passing traffic and the surrounding city skyline. The geometric planes and square roof form a surprising feature in what was previously a very normal intersection.

The Thames Barrier

Stainless Steel – A Striking Part Of Modern Architecture A classic example of where form meets function, the Thames Barrier is a system of 10 steel gates designed by the engineering firm of Rendel, Palmer and Tritton to prevent flooding in London. The gates’ fin-like appearance is a whimsical nod to the fish in the river, while the reflective property of the steel makes it a visually striking barrier. There really is no better material than stainless steel, and there is no better stainless steel supplier than Steelmor. One of our expert consultants will happily sit with you to discuss your requirements and recommend the products best suited to your needs, so please contact us today.