Stainless Steel In Hospitals Keep A Flawless Record

Cleanliness is next to … well, stainless steel in this instance. It goes without saying that hospitals, from the internal environment to storage equipment to surgical instruments need to be kept more than spotless. Stainless steel is rewardingly compliant. Readily sanitized, the metal can take virtually any cleaning solvent, applied hundreds of times over, without losing its stellar qualities.

Stainless Steel, fast and fabulous

Stainless Steel in the medical industry

While some assert that copper is a viable contender, it certainly cannot be formed into the tiny, needle-sharp instruments needed for surgical needles and knives. It is said copper self-sterilizes, which is great except it takes 24 hours to fully do so. Stainless steel instruments can be instantly sterilized with alcohol if needs be, and used again straight away.

Also, some people have allergic reactions to copper, so really, it’s a no-show compared to stainless steel … and we haven’t even discussed price.

Stainless Steel in bone surgery

Due to the favourable combination of corrosion resistance and other properties such as non-magnetic response, cost-effectiveness and durability, stainless is nominated first on the list of biomaterials for internal fixation devices. When it comes to the arena of bone replacement, surgical stainless steel is in a class of its own. Titanium screws are sometimes used but surgeons can more easily feel the onset of plastic deformation when using stainless steel screws. That gives adequate warning lest the screws are over- torqued.

Nickel-Free Stainless Steel

One downside to stainless steel is its nickel content – albeit minuscule, to which some patients are sensitive. No stress. New nickel-free stainless-steel screws are now being used by hospitals and have been found to be mechanically superior and even more corrosion resistant. This bodes well for potential implant possibilities in the future. Stainless Steel wins again!

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