Stainless Steel Channels in Agriculture

You already know that stainless steel is the most versatile of options. But while it is versatile as a metal in general, it is the same again in each style option.

So what makes stainless steel channels the perfect fit for the agricultural industry? What do they have to offer the sector? If you are curious, keep reading.

Stainless Steel Channels

Stainless steel is the perfect material for agriculture and farming. Its resistance to corrosion means that it has an increased lifespan which, in turn, means a good investment and money saved. The fact that it is easy to clean makes it especially popular in the dairy industry because of its low maintenance requirements.

Stainless steel channels have several different applications and can be used for anything from drainage to the general construction of buildings, fences, gates or even livestock partitions. It tends to be easy to assemble and much comes prefabricated, so they are a great solution to non-permanent or moveable structures.

A Little Left Field

While building and water management on farms is the first thing that comes to mind, there are several other areas where stainless steel can be used in the agricultural sector:

  • Feeders for various livestock
  • Watering solutions
  • Electrical and mechanical – ventilation for example
  • Livestock skincare – rubbing posts, dipping stations, spray applicators
  • Storage tanks for water and slurry
  • Various ancillary equipment
  • Dairy and milk collection equipment

These are probably all things that you haven’t even considered may be made from stainless steel – they are not the first things that pop to mind!

Agriculture and Stainless Steel

Yes, this may not be the most obvious use for stainless steel channels and stainless steel in general. But the expansion in the agricultural industry means there are more and more areas where stainless steel can be used.

If you have any questions about how you can use stainless steel channels or any form of stainless steel in farming and agriculture, contact Steelmor for more information.