Stainless Steel Around the World

We’ve said it once, we’re saying it again, and we’re going to keep on saying it – stainless steel is truly one of the world’s most versatile products! To help you appreciate just how useful and adaptable this material really is, let’s have a look at some of its more famous applications around the world.

St Paul’s Cathedral – London, England

The Cathedral’s great dome is 33.5 meters wide and 112 meters high. It is held together without the use of buttresses by a reinforcement chain. In 1925, the huge iron chain originally supporting the dome was replaced with a stainless steel one, hidden from sight by the facing stone.

The Chrysler Building, New York, USA

William van Alen was the architect of the Chrysler building, which enjoyed a brief seven months as the tallest building in New York, until the Empire State was completed and took over the title. The top 88 meters of the Chrysler Building – van Alen’s interpretation of Chrysler’s well-known eagle bonnet ornament, hubcaps and logo – are all clad in stainless steel. Even though it has only been cleaned twice since the building was completed in 1930, the top still gleams brightly.

Progreso Pier, Yucatán, Mexico

This impressive pier stretches an incredible 6 kilometers out into the Gulf of Mexico. The pier was originally 2,100 meters long, and used 220 tons of stainless steel reinforcement bar. An additional 4000 meters were added in 1988 to increase the pier’s cargo and container vessels handling capacity. The pier was the first concrete structure in the world to be built with nickel-containing stainless steel reinforcement, and has withstood the harsh marine environment for over 70 years without any major repairs or maintenance.

Steelmor, Johannesburg, South Africa

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