Stainless Steel Angles – A Good Looking Profile

Whether you’re in building and construction, architectural design, interior design or an industrial sector, you’ll be familiar with the use of stainless steel angles. As far as steel sections go, angles are one of the most common profiles offering multiple advantages across the board but are by no means simple.

What makes these sections so popular, and what benefits can we expect?

Stainless Steel Angles in Construction

Construction is all about precision, and where a 90° angle needs to be maintained in a structure then there is very little room for error. Stainless steel angles are perfect for the job of supporting, framing and bracing, with builders trusting the light-weight strength and durability of the section. The corrosion resistance of the metal adds a further bonus, resulting in an increased lifespan.

The Interior Design Angle

Stainless steel angles are ideal when edging tiles, waterproofing areas or as a hardwearing trim on any surface. A cold-drawn profile will come with a precise, square corner which is ideal when a flush fit with no gaps is needed.

However, some profiles come with a tapered or rounded edge which makes them less useful for a tight finish but is still valuable for other applications such as framing, shelving or support. Artists and sculptors love this hardwearing product in either finish and make good use of it too.

Stainless Steel Profiles in Industry

Chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, wastewater and petrochemical industries make copious use of steel angles. The metal’s corrosion resistance, integrity, support, strength and finish make it useful in most applications.

Stainless steel angles are available in smaller dimensions with equal leg sizes, or 40-foot lengths with unequal leg sizes, and multiple strengths from a variety of alloy choices.

If you’ve been looking for a steel company who can help with the manufacture or processing of your stainless steel angles, then you’re in the right place. Chat with one of the Steelmor team today.