Sheet metal – what it is used for and the importance of sheet metal workers

When thinking about sheet metal the first uses that come into mind are the automobile industry and construction. Well, surprisingly enough sheet metal is used for a variety of applications. What sheet metal is, is metal that has been cut into thin pieces for use in a wide range of industries. Sheet metal can be made from different kinds of metals such as titanium, aluminum, brass and copper. Each sheet is cut to a specific thickness depending on the application that it needs to be used for.

What are the various uses for sheet metal?

  • In the vehicle industry sheet metal is used on the bodies of most vehicles.
  • Airplanes have the wings and fuselages covered in sheet metal.
  • Sheet metal is used for building materials (roofing and rain gutters). In the interior of a building it is used for furnaces and duct work.
  • In the home environment sheet metal can be used for decorative purposes, rods, siding and so much more.

Here is an interesting historical fact – sheet metal was used to make body armor for soldiers that were in cavalry units.

What does a sheet metal worker do?

If you are unsure of a future career option why not consider becoming a sheet metal worker? This is a highly skilled trade to go into and think about this – you will be part of creating something that will not only last long but you will also be enhancing the quality of life for many people! Definitely a career worth considering.

Sheet metal workers work closely with other trades that use sheet metal in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors mostly for construction purposes. They are required to install all sheet metal work that is needed at specific standards and requirements. Sheet metal workers read architectural and building plans to determine the type of metal and the amount of metal that is needed for a project. From that they will then measure, bend, cut and shape the metal. Highly skilled sheet metal workers will create three dimensional drawings for building modifications.

There are various projects and goods that sheet metal workers are involved with such as:

  • In construction, specifically in the residential and building sectors, they are involved with the roofing, gutters, siding, ventilation, heating and air-conditioning duct systems
  • They assist in the development of restaurant equipment, vehicles, precision equipment, outdoor signs, handrails, column wraps and many other products that are made from metal

Knowing about sheet metal and steel metal workers allows you to have a different appreciate for the material as a whole and the skill that is required to manufacture goods out of sheet metal. Who would have thought that this was such a diversified trade to consider being in?

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