Producing Green Steel with Electric Arc Furnaces and Scrap Metal

CO2 from steel production accounts for over 5% of global emissions. However, German company Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) is making a real difference by producing green steel using scrap metal and an electric arc furnace. 

The production of steel traditionally uses coal in a blast furnace. However, this process produces around 2000 kilograms of CO2 per ton of steel produced. Making use of an electric arc furnace, on the other hand, produces just 110 kilograms of CO2 per ton of steel.

3 Ways to Green Steel

Besides this significant reduction in emissions, DEW makes use of 100% renewable energy sources to power the furnace. 

The furnace uses massive graphite electrodes powered by 61,000 amps and 110,000 volts to heat the scrap metal to 1800 degrees Celsius. This enormous power requirement is equivalent to the needs of the neighbouring town with over 100 000 residents. Making use of wind farms and other renewable energy sources allows this plant to function without adding a further power burden.

A third way that DEW is adding to its green credentials is by recycling scrap metal. Gathering scrap in all its forms from scrap dealers and waste incineration plants further reduces the carbon footprint of this incredible system.

DEW produces around 1000 grades of steel from this green process, from bullet-proof metal to medical-grade steel, pushing out over 1500 tons of steel per day. 

Certainly, this innovative company is taking great strides towards producing clean and cost-effective steel and we eagerly look forward to more businesses following their lead. 

Here at Steelmor, we are keenly interested in green processes and maintaining an environmentally responsible business. If you would like more information, please feel free to chat with any of our friendly team members.