Press Forging for High-Volume, Economical Production

When we think of metal forging our minds can easily go back to the times of old when a talented blacksmith would shape metal using a hammer, an anvil, and brute force. 

Fortunately for us, we have come a long way since then and can enjoy the benefits that come along with powerful new tech. Press forging is a popular replacement and a far cry from the old ways, and with good reason.

Key benefits of press forging

Modern-day metalworking companies have a keen interest in high production levels coupled with lower costs and, of course, a good quality product. It’s not always an easy task to achieve all of these, but press forging comes close. 

Shaping metal between two dies using either hydraulic or mechanical pressure applied a measured pressure to create a strong part, often in a single stroke.


We know that time is money, and the faster we can get a product out the better it is for the manufacturer and the client. 

Press forging may be a slower process than, for example, drop-hammer forging but can deform the complete piece in one press. Because press forging machinery comes in varying sizes and is popular in industrial applications, the capacity exists for creating large pieces. 


Offering close tolerances with single-step forging, press forging is preferred for high-volume productivity where strength and accuracy are paramount. This process also produces less scrap and needs less draft than other forging options.


Press forging produces a stronger product than can be achieved if it were machined or cast. The press forging process deforms the grain of the steel to conform to the shape of the part required, resulting in superior strength and durability.  

As far as precise and economical solutions go, press forging has proven itself as an excellent option for high-volume productions. 

Our skilled team have been producing quality metal parts for over four decades and we are proud to stay at the cutting edge of technology in order to assist our clients. 

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