What’s Trending in Steel – Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

“The infrastructure and construction industry consumes more than 51.53% of the global steel production.” So says Chandrakumar Badala Jaganathan, a lead analyst from Technavio.

A rising trend in the use of steel can be found in PEB – or pre-engineered steel buildings. While prefabricated and pre-engineered buildings have been around for a good few decades, we are uncovering a wealth of benefits from their use in today’s economy.

What are pre-engineered steel buildings?

PEBs are most often used in the industrial sector but are seen more and more in commercial and residential use.

These buildings are designed and fabricated in the factory, whereafter they are shipped to site for assembly. Think of it as a giant – and cost effective – Mecano set. The buildings are designed to take advantage of mass produced components such as windows, doors, roofing etc. Therefore they are designed according to client’s requirements, the design is broken down into its basic parts, and these parts are carefully manufactured to exacting specifications.

When the building super structure is complete, it is shipped CKD (Completely knocked down) to site, to be assembled in situ.

What are the benefits of PEBs?

Steel is known for its durability and strength and is a key component in construction. Therefore, using steel as a skeleton for a building guarantees a long lifespan, increasing its value accordingly. With its high strength-to-weight ratio and noncombustible elements, it’s the perfect building material.

The margin for error in these clever creations is slim, essentially because of the fact that they are technologically developed in a controlled environment. Design and manufacture works hand in hand to create a foolproof system that can simply be bolted together.

Construction time for any building project is a major cost factor. However, with this system, all the components are delivered to site and the actual erection can be carried out with very little contingency required. Completion time can be set with a good deal of accuracy.

Indeed, the steel industry is forging ahead with new trends appearing all the time, It’s a very exciting time to be involved in steel.

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