Powder Coating, Stainless Steel’s Popular Cosmetic Face

We all understand the advantages of powder coating metals – way less fading, scratching, chipping, corrosion, and so forth. But, after investing in the brilliance that is stainless steel, why would anyone want to powder coat its sublime surface?

The answer takes us to the arena of stainless steel’s lesser-known glamourous side. Advances in powder coating formulations have introduced the world of colour to stainless steel’s hitherto shiny but singularly silvery-grey hue. Enhanced beauty is more than just skin deep though, as antibacterial, anti-fingerprint, durability, scratch and corrosion resistance is topped only by a self-cleaning property that sets it in a class of its own. Let’s look at a cross section of applications together.

Powder Coated Roof Sheeting

This is a fabulous way to preserve and enhance a building’s roof at the same time! The benefits of roof sheeting, in particular, lies in the flexibility that is maintained with powder coating applied.

Powder Coated Fridges And Food Pans

From silky mink shades of bronze to black mirror and even champagne gold finishes are taking the home décor world by storm. Imagine the anti-fingerprint and self-cleaning facilities afforded for fridge doors for starters! We’re talking about fabulous colours for the regulation hospital and hotel variety of service-ware, which can now be upgraded to the fine dining category – what’s not to like?

Powder Coated Wheel Rims

Wheel rims are but one of the many applications for powder coating in the motor industry, of course, we picked them because they’re the most glamorous to the eye when done in brilliant red or phosphorescent blue. For the DIY guys – this is easily done in your own garage or home workshop.

Powder Coated Travel Mugs

The playful possibilities and company branding now afforded by advanced powder coating development have skyrocketed in the marketing arena as never before. Stainless steel travel mugs being just one significant avenue.

Make no mistake, the powder coating innovation is fully up and running. Sterile Stainless Steel will always have its place but the flexibility, durability and cosmetic advantage of powder coating has given stainless steel eternal life status in the industry.

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