Metal Shearing – Cutting Edge Tech at Your Fingertips

It’s a great option as it’s both fast and cheap! No, we’re not talking about 5G connectivity, nor are we referring to the latest small hatchback. What we’re referring to here is the process of metal shearing, also known as guillotining.

The word guillotine certainly brings to mind mid-century head removal techniques which are – thankfully – no longer practiced in polite society. But the concept remains the same when referring to the use of a guillotine for cutting metal. The shearing force acts as a fast and effective way of slicing through metal sheets, wires, tubes and pipes.

The Pros and Cons of Metal Shearing

In manufacture and fabrication, we are always looking for the fastest and cheapest option, while not compromising the integrity of the metal. Metal shearing proves an ideal option for many uses.

Consider the following:

  • Metal shearing offers straight line cuts on sheet metal without warping, burning or twisting.
  • Not only is it an excellent option for steel, but it is ideal for use softer metals such as brass, aluminium and bronze.
  • A great option for high-output projects which can produce thousands of identical pieces per hour.
  • Produces little to no kerf – a plus when dealing with costly metals and when waste is not an option.


Is Metal Shearing Right For Your Project?

As much as we love the speed and accuracy of metal shearing, it does have its limits.

For example, it’s not advised for use on very hard or brittle materials where it can cause fracture and delamination of the metal as well as premature wearing of the tools. The shearing force may also result in deformation or crushed ends of tubes and pipes if not performed correctly.

Ultimately, your unique project requires the understanding and assistance of the professionals. The team here at Steelmor and more than qualified to attend to your metal shearing needs, as well as anything else that you may need in this field.