Metal Fabrication – Hiding in Plain Sight

You go to your kitchen, switch on the kettle, put a steel pan on your stovetop and make your breakfast. A little later, you use a metal key to unlock your security gate. You rely on a bus, a bike or a car to transport you to work. On your commute, you pass metal barriers along the roadsides and you ride over a bridge.

Without metal fabrication, your life would look very different.

Appreciating Metal Fabrication

The basic concept of metal fabrication isn’t difficult to understand. It involves combining different raw materials to create a new product. Don’t be fooled though, the actual process of metal fabrication is anything but simple.

When it comes to advances in technology, metal fabrication is right at the heart of modernisation. From components that make up appliances to hospital beds and the steel frames within buildings, metal parts are integral to society as we know it.

Here are a few examples of some products developed through metal fabrication:

  • Car parts
  • Avionics systems
  • Tools
  • Bolts, nuts and screws
  • Cutlery
  • Precision engineered satellite components
  • Construction materials
  • Railway track fixtures
  • Ship and aeroplane propellers

Metal fabrication takes a high level of skill and relies on automation as well as other sophisticated technology. Think cutting, welding, bending, assembling, machining and forming techniques.

The History of Man

From the earliest times, metalwork has had a huge impact on the advancement of civilisations. Just as we don’t always notice the blood that sustains our bodies, it’s quite easy to miss the crucial role metal products play in our lives.

The next time you lean on a metal railing, grind up some coffee beans or take on a DIY project, just remember, such pleasures wouldn’t exist without metal fabrication.

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