Men Of Steel – What Makes A Metal Fabrication Expert?

Described as part art and part science, metal fabrication is a key part of our modern world. We rely on these skilled men to keep our lives moving, from the production of cars and aeroplanes to structural skeletons for high-rise buildings.

What Exactly Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication involves forming parts, structures or machines from raw materials. A skilled fabricator will make use of detailed engineering drawings to produce a product by cutting, welding, forming or machining. Within a fabrication factory, we may find specialists in their fields, such as welding, machining, or casting.

What Jobs Are Available For Metal Fabricators?

Metal fabrication requires some very specific skills – and very often – a degree of physical strength. To enter this field, you will need strong mathematical skills including algebra and geometry. You will also need an analytical mind to decipher and follow the technical drawings that you will be required to follow. In addition, a knowledge of metallurgy and welding are vital.

This field is dominated by men simply due to the physicality required to operate the heavy machinery, lift substantial loads, and work at heights.

Your role may take you into aircraft fabrication, residential security, small appliance components or car parts. But once you have the qualifications required to enter this field, you can choose from a number of specialities. For example, your career choice may lie within welding, cutting, soldering and brazing. These roles are always in demand and allow a junior fabricator to hone their skills while they learn.

Depending on their area of interest, a metalworker may continue their studies and move into machinery maintenance, mechanics or a millwright role.

Metal fabrication is a solid career choice and one which can lead you into many areas of interest.

Our team at Steelmor are versatile and qualified, and more than ready to take on the physical and mental challenges needed to fulfil their roles. Why not chat to us today for more information?