The Many Uses Of Austenitic Steel

While stainless steel is a general term for an impressively versatile product, it’s interesting to note that there are many different types of stainless steel. And within those families, we find sub-species – a little like a rabbit hole. This week we are taking a look at the powerful and adaptable Austenitic steel class.

What is Austenitic Steel?

Austenitic steels, designated as 300 series, contain high levels of chromium and can contain up to 35 percent nickel. They offer the highest corrosion resistance and they are non-magnetic and not hardened by heat treatment. They are ductile and easily deformed, as well as being relatively easy to weld. The structure of this class offers thermal conductivity of between a third and a half of other steels.

Where is Austenitic Steel Used?

Considering its pedigree it’s no wonder this steel class enjoys such a range of uses.

Stainless Steel in Construction

Due in no small measure to its strength, stainless steel is commonly used in architecture and construction. It offers unbeatable corrosion resistance which developers consider when factoring in maintenance and replacement costs of commercial buildings. Stainless steel is used both inside and outside – outside for strength and beauty, and inside for flexibility, durability and impact.

Stainless Steel in the Medical Industry

Again, this wonder-product charges to the fore with its anti-corrosive properties, being easy to sterilise, strong and flexible. From scalpels to kidney dishes, artificial joints and pins, scanners and medical tables – austenitic steel has proven its worth.

Commercial and Industrial Uses

Heat and toxic chemicals are standard features in heavy industry, and this allows stainless steel to really shine. Special grades of steel have been created to allow for some pretty extreme temperatures and to contain high pressures (valves and pipes) and chemical storage (tanks and vessels).

Austenitic steel is relatively easy to weld, which makes it a versatile and incredibly useful material under taxing conditions.

Austenitic Steel For Domestic Uses

We are all familiar with cutlery and cookware made from stainless steel. Add to this list fridges, stoves, pots, grills, dishwashers and countertops and you can see why stainless steel is going nowhere in a hurry.

A product that does not impart its properties to the food it comes into contact with, and equally, does not absorb any food acids, odours or colours – is a golden product.

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