Light Steel Frame Construction Methods – Light Years Ahead

Technology gallops forward in every industry, and for those of us in manufacturing, it’s a particularly exciting time. We are seeing amazing strides in building methods making use of steel in various forms, not least of which is light steel frame construction.

What Is Light Steel Frame Construction?

So, what exactly is this exciting building method which first-world countries such as the United States, Canada, Britain and New Zealand are embracing with such gusto? Surely construction with steel frames is a building method which has been used for decades?

While that’s true, here’s what has to say: “Light steel frame refers to the structural frame that creates the form and support of the house which is then clad. The frame consists of structural wall frames and roof trusses, which are pre-manufactured off-site from cold-formed light galvanised steel sections. Cladding can consist of a single skin brick wall or Saint-Gobain’s Weber ETICS, fixed to the wall frames. Electricity and plumbing are installed within the wall cavity created by the light steel frames, as is the insulation material.”

So, while this isn’t a new trend, it is one that is growing at 25 percent annually here in South Africa. With a variety of materials available for cladding and insulation, a fast and cost-effective manufacture and erection time and precise, predictable costing, it’s no wonder we are seeing such growth.

Benefits Of Light Steel Frame Construction

Where do we begin? The application of this construction method can be applied to commercial, residential and industrial structures. In fact, contemporary architecturally designed residential buildings are employing this method, coupled with other new technologies to achieve beautiful “green” houses, which are affordable and safe.

Other benefits include:

  • Compliant with National Building Regulations
  • Precise manufacture results in less material wastage
  • Fast to manufacture and erect
  • Significantly cheaper than a brick-and-mortar building
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Fire retardant
  • Resistant to corrosion, termites and borer
  • Ideal for disaster relief and social housing in developing areas
  • Accurate dimensions – straight walls and square corners
  • Flexible – can be used on sloped sites or easily extended

Indeed, these are exciting times for the steel and construction industry. If you would like to know more about these and other steel-based products we encourage you to give us a call on (011) 747 5700 today.