Leave Threading Those Steel Pipes To The MMWC

The temptation to do it yourself in the garage is high, we know. You have an awesome workbench with a heavy-duty vice and you think you can thread some piping for your home project. Understood and we feel your pain. Customers have told us they tried using cloth to get a better grip, some inventively made rubber jaws for their vice and others thought of adding shellac to the cloth to increase the stick-ability but to no avail. Let us save you the trouble. We are the MMWC – Main Manne What Count.

Threading falls squarely under the ‘machining’ umbrella and that spells precision. Nothing worse than after your best effort, the pipe won’t thread straight and you have to put your tail between your legs and come to the MMWC. Do the manly thing and visit the professionals first and you still get to look good because your home project works perfectly.

To achieve all the necessary parameters for success at home is not exactly ‘mission impossible’. But considering that when you’re dealing with steel, for example, you need to minimise vibration and you need to keep your cutting tip really short, things can get awkward pretty fast.

Then, bear ever in mind that stainless steel can be a devil for getting harder the longer you take to put it through whatever paces you insist on. The good old “get in and get out” policy is the only way but let’s get real, how likely are you to succeed the first time around from your home workshop?

Heat is another obstacle. High-speed tools and the larger the better, help to dissipate the heat. You can try to thin lubricants with paraffin for example, as it does assist in keeping the working piece cooler.

Not all machines are created equal and the professionals with all the right tools to hand make mincemeat of threading. So, let them! That what the MMWC is for. It beats wrecking your precious tools at home, which is more than often what happens.

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