Laser Beam Welding Gains Ground

Given the option to employ a process that is simpler, cheaper, and faster than what we currently use, we’d be crazy not to, don’t you agree?

It’s for this reason that laser beam welding (LBW) is gaining ground as a preferred and versatile method of welding. After all, improved productivity and reduced costs in fabrication are the foundation of a successful business.

Benefits Laser Beam Welding

As the wise old saying goes; sometimes you have to spend money to make money. That has certainly applied to laser beam welding with the historically high capital cost of the tech. However, when we consider the benefits it’s easy to see why this is a preferred choice.

It’s the high-power density which sets LBW apart from other welding techniques. Today’s laser welders manufactured for production are designed with power capabilities ranging from a few hundred watts to 60kW.

What does this mean?

  • Faster travel speeds
  • Single-pass welding
  • No filler material required resulting in additional cost savings
  • Deep weld penetration
  • Variable focus spot size, length optic and power output
  • The non-contact process eliminates thermal distortion
  • Reduced product weight from welding 
  • Lower chance of heat damage to surrounding parts
  • Processes can be automated for fast, accurate results
  • High aesthetic results are achievable

While this list is by no means exhaustive, the benefits of this LBW are clear. For repeatable processes on complex parts, or merely streamlining simpler processes, laser beam welding is the way to go. Offering consistent, high-quality results is key to product manufacturing. 

Certainly, when choosing a metal fabrication company for your critical projects you logically want them to have access to the latest technology for the best result. In this case, we’d like to encourage you to give the Steelmor team a call.