Judging the Strongest Metals

Metal is one of the most used and versatile materials in many industries, and what it is used for is dependant on its strength. While this may seem like a simple process, making comparisons between metals is a bit bit more complex than it sounds.

How To Judge Strength

As there is no one way to judges the strength of metals, it is best to decide based on the requirements of the industry. There are four main way to judge the strength of a metal

  • Tensile strength -the ability of a metal to resist being pulled apart
  • Compressive strength – the ability of a metal to resist being compressed
  • Yield strength – the ability of a metal to resist being bent or permanently damaged
  • Impact strength – the ability of a metal to resist being shattered on impact with another object or surface

Strongest Metals

The strongest metals take into account all these four areas of strength into consideration. The top five strongest metals are used in various industries across the board

  • Tungsten – considered the strongest metal, tungsten is used mostly for making bullets and missiles. It has also become very popular in the jewellery industry for men’s rings.
  • Steel – one of the most versatile metals, steel is used in the construction industry for railroads, infrastructure and appliances.
  • Chromium – used in the manufacturing of stainless steel which is one of the most widely used and versatile metals
  • Titanium – titanium is used in the aerospace industry because it is lightweight and strong at the same time
  • Iron – one of the most widely used metals, iron is used across many industries. It is used for building bridges and pylons as well as bicycle chains, cutting tools and rifle barrels


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