It’s All In The Detail: The World’s Strongest ‘L’

‘…what is essential is invisible to the eye’. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Hidden from sight, in critical points of the world’s tallest or largest constructions, are small, super-strong, stainless steel ‘L’ shaped angle pieces. To give you an idea of how plentiful these invisible super-angles are, it took some 120,000 of them to construct a multi-purpose complex consisting of 2,610 apartment units and 238 studios in South Korea.

Ongoing research and development have seen these innovative pieces improved from conventional steel angles and become known as ‘the world’s strongest L’. Steelmor, their eye ever on improvement and innovation, are happy to introduce you to this superior steel ‘L’ anchor piece.

Stainless Steel’s Super Strong ‘L’ Journey

A project’s journey begins with a concept. In addition to designing and implementing optimal structural performance, the ‘anchor tightening method’ initially saw significant progress and application in the construction industry.

In this method, the angle fixes to the construction material with its control plate, plug tip, and bolts. Because it is installed some distance from a support wall, there is no whitening, which causes white spots when rainwater inflows. It also shortens the construction period while being relatively light. There are still great applications and uses for anchor tightening ‘L’ angles in all kinds of construction and building projects. But that’s not the end of the story.

Another Innovation in the Right Direction

Despite the anchor bolt method finding resolution when installed in solid concrete, the level of satisfaction becomes reduced in the event of wall cracking. Additionally, if a constant load is applied to an angle, creep may occur, causing the material to deform over time. Angle bending and cracks in stone material became an issue requiring further R&D (Research & Development).

First, solving the bending caused by creep deformation found its perfect solution using only high-strength steel.  A bonus came in that the weight of the ‘L’ anchor is significantly reduced but simultaneously increases the overall strength – a classic win-win.

Through this move, a wide range of applications became possible, including architectural exterior materials, pipes, railway train parts, and evacuation ladders, to name a few.

After two whole years of R&D, the new angle for stone building construction obtained a patent in 2017  under the brand name Anchor Plus. A reduction of more than 40% in thickness was achieved over the conventional angle for building construction, which ensured economic efficiency.

Finally, a new, more robust stainless steel product with reduced nickel content and increased nitrogen content won the day. Its durability is comparable to the STS304 steel, which is the top industry-grade stainless steel.

So, congrats are in order now that you have met the world’s strongest ‘L’! Next time you stare up at an impressive construction, remember the hidden strength supplied by all those tiny but super-strong stainless steel L-angle anchors.

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