Innovations: More About the Non-welded Support System

Welding is a tried and tested way to create a steel support structure. But it can be a time-consuming process, and use a fair amount of money and manpower.

So what if there was an alternative?

15 years ago siFramo developed the innovative non-welded support system. Designed to be a cost-effective welding alternative, this modular steelwork system is one of a kind using 1-screw technology. And it is finally available in Africa!

So what do you need to know about this versatile and multifunctional technology?

Non-welded Support System Features

Setting up the non-welded support system with a simple connection method is fast and reliable. Assembly uses thread forming screws that form their threads into pre-drilled holes. This offers (among other features) shake-proof fastening.

  • The first real alternative to welded structures
  • Multi-directional connection possibilities
  • Simple, reliable, fast and safe
  • Certified to international standards
  • High torsional resistance and fine adjustment capability

The thread forming screws are reusable and removable and will help you save money, time and labour when setting up.

Applications and Advantages

Depending on the industry you work in, non-welded support may be the way to go for your business. Applications include pipe supports, plant rooms, equipment and solar supports to name but a few.

But as with all new things, you may be wondering what the advantage will be if you go in this direction. After all, you know the benefits and limitations of going with the welded option, so why change now?

Some advantages of using this unique, one of a kind system are:

  • Reduced overall project time
  • Adaptable design and easy adjustments if needed
  • Transportation is cheaper and quicker
  • No skilled staff required
  • Material is readily available
  • Reduces the need for cranes
  • Instant corrosion protection due to hot-dip galvanizing

There is also a reduced impact on the environment when using this support.

Non-welded Support

Saving time and money are two of the biggest reasons to change anything in business, let alone all the other benefits that come with using the non-welded support system. If you have any further questions on this innovative support system, contact our team at Steelmor.