How Versatile is Steel? 3 Places You’d Never Expect to See It

Typically, steel is used in infrastructure, appliances, and machinery. It’s where we expect to find it.

But even in its most common application, it is incredibly versatile; there are many compositions of steel, and it can be used for almost anything. Therefore, steel is popular and valuable across the board.

Don’t believe us? Let us look at three areas you would not expect to find steel.

Steel as Art

While most popular as structural and reinforcements, steel can also be used in a contemporary manner in artwork and sculptures. Also, steel is a recyclable material, which is why it is popular in artwork today.

Artists love to be challenged. Even though it’s versatile, steel can often be a difficult material to work with, yet it remains the perfect medium for many. It can be used in its original form or manipulated and transformed in innumerable ways.

Steel in Clothing

Another surprising place to find steel is in the fashion industry. While it is popular on the runways to make a statement such as the Swedish steel sequin dress from designer Naim Josefi, it is more commonly found in safety equipment and clothing. Steel capped boots, cut-resistant steel gloves and metal jackets are all great examples of how versatile steel can be for clothing.

While not technically clothing, stainless steel jewellery is also increasingly popular. Surgical-grade stainless steel is now being used to make items such as earrings, jewellery for body piercings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Steel in the Body

The medical industry has introduced many new materials into the market, and our versatile steel is also very popular. In medicine, sterilization of equipment is paramount, and metals that can withstand corrosion and harsh chemicals are essential.

Again, due to its ability to fight off corrosion, steel is used for many different implants. While it is not the most corrosion-resistant inside the body, it is also the least likely to leach any harmful ions into the body, which makes it a top choice for many surgeons.

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